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1. Multiple Accounts
Having more then 1 account is strictly forbidden. If we come to believe you are using more then one account, we will remove your account. The chances of getting unbanned for multiple accounts is very slim.

2. Supering
You in no way are allowed to plan attacks with pimps that are not a member of your crew. If you are not in a crew, you still cannot plan attacks with other pimps. This is known as supering, and it is not allowed in this game.

3. Shared Computers
We are not gonna comment on this rule, if you have someone playing from your computer, that is at your OWN RISK. If you get banned for multiple accounts, that is your own fault.

4. Quitting
Its ok to quit, just send a message to the admin, and ask the admin to disable your account. Do not put in your profile, "free thugs, free hoes". Do not message people and tell them that your leaking either. Anyone who attacks a person who says "I'm leaking" or "I quit" will have the master account disabled.

5. Leaking
You may not in any way message or tell anyone that your hoes or thugs are unhappy.

6. Spamming
We are really strict about spammers. Do not post your link in chat rooms, newsgroups, message boards, or forums unless it is explicitly allowed by the owner/operator of the chat room, newsgroup, message board, forum, etc...

7. Posting
Do not post any attacks on the public board, only share attacks with members of your crew. Please do not spam, read rule above. Do not put down the game, or the admins. If you are creating drama towards the game, we will remove you.

8. Attacking
You may not attack your own crew members, no matter how you think it may be fair, it is not. Use common sense, if you leave a crew, attack a member, and rejoin the crew. You will be removed.

9. Common Sense
Just because a rule isn't listed here, doesn't make it right. Please think before you take action.

These rules are updated and changed from time to time, so keep checking by once in awhile.

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